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If your child is currently self-isolating please refer to our remote learning page

3rd January 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,


I wrote yesterday to advise that school will be closed to all pupils on Monday 4th January and thereafter the curriculum will be moved to remote learning with the exception of ‘in-school’ provision for children of keyworkers and vulnerable children. Here is further information about the in-school provision.

As we return to key worker education provision this is the criteria we have used previously for information. However, please read it carefully as there have been a few changes.

We will initially be booking for the first two weeks (Tuesday 5th - Friday 15th January) and will book for further dates once we know what is going on.


All places must have been booked (please see Booking form in 'Letters Home' section). This is not first come first served. Our Admissions criteria are prioritised as:

  1. Critical Worker Children- where both parents are Critical Workers and both working during the school day full time OR where your household is a single parent family and that parent is a Critical Worker.
  2. Critical Worker Children- where one parent is a Critical Worker and no other adult is at home or able to provide childcare.
  3. Vulnerable Children- by invite: If your child comes under the category of vulnerable under the criteria we will be in touch with you to assess your situation. We will aim to do this by the end of Monday 4th  January to let you know if we can offer your child some time in school.

We ask that you complete the form attached and please send this back in to the infant OR junior office by 11.30am on Monday 4th January (email addresses above). Thank you. Please complete separate forms for infant and junior children.

To clarify the educational provision is only open to children:

  • whose parents are Critical Workers and working on the dates/ times that the children are in educational provision,
  • who have a social worker- by invite,
  • who have an EHCP- by invite,
  • who the school have offered a place to.

Whilst we appreciate some parents have been using this provision to give them a break, or to allow them to get things done, we can only offer this service now to provide education for when you are working. This is also the same if there is another member of the household who is at home and can support their child to access the education provided.

Childcare will be restricted to 16 children maximum, per year group, per day.

Important Changes to the educational provision are:

  • Breakfast Club will open for children attending the in-school provision with access from 8.00am. Please book in using the current system in place at the infant or junior school.
  • After School Club will be open for children attending the in-school provision with access 3-5pm. Please book in using the current system in place at the infant or junior school.
  • No toys or equipment can be brought from home. Just water-bottles, lunchboxes and phones-if required.
  • School Uniform is required.
  • Children attending school will be completing learning provided by class teachers each day in school.
  • Free School Lunches will be given (if this changes, we will update you).

Any parent who sends their child/ren to the educational provision must agree that in the event that they show symptoms of Covid-19 that they will ensure that their child is isolated at home and that they get an urgent test to confirm if they have it or not. Anyone who has come into direct contact with them will be required to isolate and not attend for either 10 days, or until a negative test result has been given- hence the need to be tested, otherwise everyone in their Bubble and Family will be required to isolate for 14 days also.

Children will not be able to attend school if:

  • they have not received a confirmation of an offer of a place,
  • are unwell (including significantly raised temperature)
  • A family member is self-isolating


Please make sure your child wears warm clothing under their uniform to keep them warm in school. To gain an understanding of why we continue to keep the doors and windows open in school you may want to read this article from the Spanish Media about how Covid-19 is spread in different environments:-


As you can see it is important that we maintain good ventilation- even in winter months. 


All school and organisations have had to complete and undertake a range of measures to ensure they are safe and able to reopen following lockdown.

At Hertford we have safely been open to date. This has been down to the amazing efforts of all of the staff and the fantastic support we have received from parents.

This has also been possible due to ensuring that we are 100% up to date with the relevant guidance and advices that have been sent from the Local Authority, Health Authority, Public Health and Department of Education.

Of course the reality has been how we have interpreted this information and how we have practically put it into place. 

Additional cleaning during the school day, Staggered entry systems, Parents/carers waiting outside of the school, Increased sanitation points etc....The list is endless.

To capture the overarching information, the school have completed a Wider Re-Opening Risk Assessment that was reviewed by Brighton and Hove Council Health and Safety team as well as the major teaching unions. 

This is being constantly reviewed and amended. It is also being monitored by the Governing Body in their role.

If you have any comments, then please contact the school office.


Your sincerely,

Zoe McGuigan

Executive Headteacher 

Yours sincerely,

Zoe McGuigan

Arrangements from Sept 2020

We want the main focus for everyone to be on the well-being of all students and staff and on great teaching and learning. Let’s all work together, then, to ensure that excellent behaviour and a positive attitude to school means we can all hit the ground running together, minimising any further disruption to learning.  

We ask that, as parents and carers, you also follow the social distancing advice that we are expecting of the children and adhere to the staggered times to keep our community safe.


We do expect all students to be in our very practical and sensible uniform in September. Apart from the school jumper, high street alternatives are completely acceptable. (Please be aware that we do not expect children to purchase the new school jumper if they have an old jumper that fits). On Forest School days the children can wear their suitable outdoor clothing for the day. And additionally, this year…all students to have a waterproof coat with hood in case of rain (We will be more reliant than ever on our outside areas to keep safe during the Covid pandemic.)

PE Kits 

When you are aware of the P.E days for your child, we advise that your child comes in to school in their P.E kit. PLEASE make sure that all clothes/kit is labelled and stored in a bag for your child.

One-way system 

Infants - There will be a strict one-way system in place, with the idea that external routes are employed as much as possible. Time will be spent on the first day back walking through the one-way system and working out routes to and from their classrooms.

Juniors - There are different dropping off and collecting zones for the different year groups as described in the table above.


Digital on-line assemblies will be shared during class time, in place of more traditional large assemblies.


Please do not send your child to school if they appear to have any symptoms of the coronavirus including a temperature, a new and persistent cough and a change or loss to sense of taste or smell. Please remember to report this to the school office. The schools need your support to help keep everyone safe in these continued unprecedented times.


Please be aware that the meetings and dates that are planned at this time may be subject to change. Staff will be discussing the planned dates and events over the next two days and creating solutions together as to how we can meet safely.

Water Bottles and Snacks

All children please bring in a NAMED water bottle, with water only.

Infant children will have a fruit snack (provided by the school) in the morning. Junior children, please bring in their own fruit, vegetable or rice cake snack.

Hub Club after school – please ensure your child has their water bottle and a small snack to take to Hub Club.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you all on Monday. Please do take the time this weekend to go through the key messages that are outlined in this letter and check the website for your times of arrival.

It is paramount that all families stick to the staggered timetable for arrival and collection to avoid mixing of year groups bubbles across our schools. If late- you must wait! A member of SLT will be on site and will ask you to come in when it is safe to do so.

Thank you for your continued support as we journey this time together.   

Warm wishes, Zoe McGuigan

Coronavirus Symptoms Information

Advice for Families

  • Firstly, and most importantly, we hope you are all managing to stay safe and well and that if anyone is unwell that you are coping and getting the support you need. Click here for ADVICE ON TALKING TO YOUR CHILD ABOUT CORONAVIRUS
  • Axel Scheffler has illustrated a digital book for primary school age children, free for anyone to read on screen or print out, about the coronavirus and the measures taken to control it. You can download it from here
  • If you are self-isolating and need support with shopping etc. then get in touch with Hollingdean Covid 19 Mutal Aid Group . They have volunteers for every street in Hollingdean who are happy to help.   Email them on Hollingdeanhelp@gmail.com 
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