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The aim of Geography teaching is to inspire a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people that will remain with pupils for the rest of their lives. 

Geography teaching at our school has 3 main aims:  

  • For the Hertford Child to develop their growing sense of place, starting with the world around them and widening as they move through the school.  This is rooted through a developmental study of our region of Sussex enabling pupils to make direct comparisons with other localities using shared and their own experiences of their world. 

  • As pupils progress, their growing knowledge about the world will help them to deepen their understanding of the interaction between physical and human processes and the critical link between the two. This will be intrinsic in all topics through the study of human behaviours based on physical environments. The geographical knowledge, understanding and skills will help the pupils see the interconnection between the physical and human world and how these relationships change over time. 

  • For the children to readily interact with geographical equipment and environments through practical fieldwork to explore the world around and contrast with further afield. 

Weather observations

Iron Age and Roman Settlements

Place knowledge


Climatic zones

Locational Knowledge


Geography teaching and learning runs through every topic taught at our school. The implicit links between physical geography on the human world are made explicit in topic work.  In activities throughout topics, children make deductions from evidence, research using books, recognise how diverse environments are and how they mould human behaviour and choices. The children learn to reason, linking cause with effect and make use of ways to record this growing understanding through the use of various resources. Where possible, we visit local places to follow inquiry and/or apply our fieldwork skills. Elements of the curriculum are further embedded through Forest School activities. Disadvantaged pupils access enriched learning about diverse environments and have additional opportunities for outdoor learning. 

Each class has a book in which they build up a picture of our locality of Sussex which is used as a basis for deepening their knowledge and understanding of the physical and human features of the familiar landscapes of their lives.  

Geography Curriculum Progression Map- click on image to view document

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