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At Hertford Junior School, we understand it's important have fun when we make music, whilst having an emphasis on success through practice and rehearsal.   Our specialist music teacher ensures that music lessons are tied in with the learning journeys that children are following in class. This makes the value of music more explicit as it enriches and illustrates their learning through sound.  Our music teacher makes sure that children have the opportunity to listen and respond to music from modern and historic composers as well as experimenting with sounds in different ways and playing instruments and composing for a wide range of purposes and audiences.  We pride ourselves on being a Singing School and many visitors comment on the amazing sound we make when we sing together.  We usually meet once every week for a music assembly, where we sing together with enthusiasm and passion.  We encourage children to take up instrument learning with visiting peripatetic teachers in guitar, keyboard, violin, flute and recorder and provide opportunities for children to demonstrate their musical abilities through performances to the rest of the school, to the wider school community and also to be recorded digitally.  

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Visiting Performers

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