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The Hertford Schools' theme for the 2023 Children's Parade is the Fabulous Invention of the Aeroplane.  Kay Walton-Smith and Polly and a terrific team of parents have been beavering away, designing, making and decorating an amazing model of an aeroplane.  This will be carried to fly high above everyone's heads in the Chidlren's Parade on Sunday 7th May.  Meanwhile Mrs Walton-Smith has been teaching the Junior School samba band a range of rhythms to reflect the idea of flight.  The band has only had 4 sessions, but have a great set of rhythms building. Here are the rhythms we've been practising:


COSTUME - all in sky blue! t-shirt/dress/trousers/skirt - we will stick a cloud onto our costume after Easter.

samba tigers - 2022 - best.mp3

One week to go!!! Here are our rhythms to play along with!!!!

tiger home sheet1tiger home sheet2(1)


Hello everyone,  

Finall it looks like we will be a le to get back to doing what we love doing best!  Getting out and being a part of our wonderful Brighton community!  What better way to celebrate our ability to come together that to have a parade!  The Brighton Children's Parade kicks of the fabulous Brighton Festival, our amazing May festival that is packed with activities and events that showcase the artistic and creative energies that flow ffreely throughout our gorgeous city.  Hertford Schools have traditionally participated with the Infant school providing the big build and young paraders and the junior school providing the samba band that keeps us all jiggling along on the walk through the city.

Each year the parade is supported by local community arts organisation Samesky, and this year is no different.  They also set the theme of the parade, which this year is all about rebuilding our communities after the interruptions of the past year.  Samesky are giving us artistic support in building our main structure, which will be a tiger that was originally built for the 2020 parade, which didn't happen.  We are going to finish off this tiger, but will add a child riding on its back, to symbolise the ways in which we are all overcoming the dangers and difficulties of the last 2 years, taming our fears and riding confidently into the future.  The tiger will be covered with multicoloured hand prints made by the children in their classes and the samba band will play rhythms inspired by the idea of rebuilding and riding the tiger!

Thank you to all the children who have signed up to join the parade either as a HIANS walker or a HJS samba band player.  Thanks you also to the parents who have offered to come and help us build the big tiger structure and costumes and to help on the day, carrying in the tiger etc.

This is the page where we thought we would put the drawing of roughly what we are aiming for in our big build and costume.  It may change as we go forward, depending on the resources we have to hand, but this is our initial creative idea.

Many thanks

Kay Walton-Smith & Amelia Sheppard

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