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Year 4 thought deeply and very musically about the adventure that Ernest Shackleton had in the Antarctic with his crew as they tried to survive after the sea ice closed in on them, trapping their ship.  After their ship, The Endurance, was eventually crushed by the ice and sunk, a rescue mission was launched and several of the crew went with Shackleton to find help.  The remaining crew and their dogs camped out and waited, hoping the rescue would be successful.  It was and Shackleton was so happy to bring a ship back to rescue the whole crew.  They didn't reach the South Pole, but no man perished in this 2 year long adventure.  

Year 4 composed music to represent each scene of the expedition, using a graphic score to record their ideas.  They wrote powerful lines of lyrics to describe sights and feelings throughout the expedition.  They composed melodies for these lines and sang them.  Miss Walton took all the recordings of their music and vocals and overlapped them on the Garageband app.  She was inspired by the music of modern composer, Nico Muhly's track called Mothertongue, which uses lots of overlapping vocals.

Miss Walton put Year 4's music with photos and artwork about Shackleton's expedition to make this movie. From


Year 6 learnt about the true story of The Cats in Krasinski Square, which is also a lovely picture book about an event in WW2.  The story is about a Resistance group in Warsaw, Poland during WW2 who smuggled food to starving Jews who were trapped in the Warsaw Ghetto.  This ghetto was a place where Jews and others, who had been arrested by the Nazi party of Germany, were imprisoned and treated inhumanely.  When Resistance collaborators were on their way by train carrying food in bags and satchels the Nazi police, The Gestapo, heard about the operation and sent soldiers with dogs to the train station to arrest them all.  Local Resistance groups gathered stray cats and carried them in bags and baskets to the station.  When the train doors opened and the soldiers let the dogs go, to sniff out the food, the cats were also released and the dogs went crazy, chasing the cats!  The food was successfully smuggled out from the station and into the ghetto.

Year 6 thought about this story and composed music to represent the mood of each scene.  Miss Walton put their music together with images from the book to make this musical story accessible to everyone.  This project was completed, start to finish, in 4 x 1hr lessons!  Our children are epic!!!!  We hope you like it.

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