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Here's the video I made of my family celebrating the Children's Parade in our Garden. ThanDo send any photos and videos you made of your family celebrating to:  homelearning@hertfordjun.brighton-hove.sch.uk  and mark for the attention on Miss Walton in the subject line!

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Hello our wonderful Samba Sensations 2020!

I know we only managed to have 3 rehearsals, but we came up with some brilliant rhythms and vocal calls.  You are a brilliant band and we will be able to get together again and play the rhythms we started creating in our sessions together.  In the mean time SameSky, who organise the parade, have been putting together an idea for a virtual Children's Parade celebration, where we are asking you to get dressed up and make some noise on Saturday May 2nd at 10.30am, when we would have been getting ready to parade through our streets.  Instead, we are going to make a noise around our homes and record our celebrations by taking film and photos of our fun that we can then send into SameSky and also post on this special Children's Parade page of our website!

I have also been working on something special!  I've been learning how to make a split screen video so that my family and I can play all the different rhythms for each section of our band - bass, mids, tops, agogos and shakers.  I don't have all the samba instruments at home, so I've had to improvise and find instruments that might do the job!  The video I have posted here is just my tryout that you can use to practise.  On Saturday we are going to get dressed up in my house, as TIGERS, as this is the costume we would have been wearing on Saturday.  If you have anything black and orange that you can wear on Saturday, do get dressed up and play along with this music.  If you can film yourselves and send your video to me at                                         I will try to create a video that shows us in a virtual band, playing together at home!  These are the rhythms and calls that you can hear.  Remember, the words and phrases help us to remember what the rhythms sound like:

Bass -     striped               striped             striped             striped            striped             striped            striped           striped

Mids -                    ti-ger                 ti-ger                ti-ger               ti-ger               ti-ger               ti-ger              ti-ger              ti-ger

Tops -      Ti         -ger       ti          -ger      bur       -ning   bright   

Agogo -                                                                                                         in               the for-est             of             the  night

Shaker - ti - ger    ti - ger  grrrrr  ti - ger    ti - ger  grrrr ti - ger    ti - ger  grrrr  ti - ger  ti - ger  grrrr ti - ger ti - ger  grrrrrr


vocal calls - wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow  Hert-ford        tigers              striped with   fur

                 Don't        come near     or        I                might  grrrr              Don't   come near         or       I           might  growl

                 Don't        come near     or        I                            might            bite!                  Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!      

This page is still being developed...so don't worry if I haven't got all the information on it yet.  It will be completed over the next couple of days!  Just get your costume ready - anything orange and black - if you haven't got anything orange and black, then dress in green and be the jungles that the tigers creep through!!!

If you don't want to dress up, don't worry!  Just join in anyway!!!


I'll load up some more rhythms videos over the next couple of days to help!


That's my homework!!    

See you soon - Love from Miss Walton  xxxx


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