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The theme for National Poetry Day 2020 is    = VISION - SEE IT LIKE A POET =

Let your imagination run wild and think of something you want to share, it might be that way you see your pet or the world or coronavirus or yourself.  You may want to write a poem all about the way someone or something else sees things, such as writing a poem from a mouse's point of view, or an alien's?

Watch this assembly video made for you by Miss Walton, then take a look at the instructions for our very special homework on Seesaw.  You then have 2 weeks to write and/or perform a poem.  Miss Walton will collect then all together and make something special from them...maybe a film?  For a chance to get your poetic ideas in this unique film, write and/or record your poem and geet it back into Miss Walton on Seesaw by Friday October 16th 2020.

You can go to the Poetry Society's website to get ideas from other poets:


Or you can go to the Poems For Our Time page of the www.rapnrhymers.com website, where there are workshop tutorials to give you ideas for writing your own poem.  The workshop videos are near the bottom of the page.


If you are not inspired to write your own poem, then find a poem that someone else has written and share that with me.  If you do this, please remember to credit the poet by saying their name if you are recording their poem or writing their name on the poem if you are writing it out.

Haiku Sci-ku

Hello Poets!  

Earlier in the Autumn term we had a science STEM week.  During my lessons in that week we wrote haiku about something sciencey.  Remember a haiku is a 3 line poem where the first line is 5 syllables (or beats) long, the second line is 7 syllables long and the third is 5 syllables long.  A Sci-ku is a haiku that is written about something scientific; so needs to contain a reference to science or include a science fact.

Each class had a go at writing haiku sci-ku, except Willow class who were unfortunately isolating on the day of my lesson.

I hope you are all keeping well - here's a little non-science haiku for you:

Hertford Junior School

Apart but still together

Sharing great ideas!

Lots of love from Miss W xx

Holly haiku sciku.mp4ASH haiku sciku 2.mp4Hazel Haiku sciku.mp4cherry haiku sci-ku.mp4Elm haiku sciku.mp4OAK haiku sciku.mp4HJS poetry day 2020 sm.mov
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