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Welcome to Miss Walton's Special Spectacular Singalong Page!!!

Singalong with Elsie (my daughter) and me!

A Special Place (The Hertford Song)

Hertford Song.mov

Here Comes The Sun

This is one of those songs we sing so well at HJS, so I thought you might like to sing it with me now.  It's a song all about the hope of better times beign on their way, like the spring sunshine after a cold dark winter.  You can read the words at the bottom of the screen.  Enjoy!

Here comes the sun.mov

Mr Blue Sky

This is a really lovely song that we've not sung in Hertford for a long time.  It's a song all about welcoming the good times, which are as welcome as a lovely blue sky!  

This is another new song for Hertford singers to have a go at.  A blues song is one that usually complains about something.  It's a song genre that came out of the very poor southern states of America, and the best blues singers influenced many famous bands such as Elvis Presley, Tom Jones and The Beatles.  The Waterboys are an Irish band who wrote this song all about escaping from a situation they are not happy with and imagining being a fisherman or a train driver.  I have certainly imagined doing many different things over the past 4 weeks - and look forward to the days when we are all free to do what we want to when we want to!

Mr Blue Sky warm-up and rehearsal

Mr Blue Sky warm-up rehearsal sm.mov

Mr Blue Sky singalong

Mr Blue Sky Singalong sm.mov

Uptown Threes

We've sung this song before in singing assembly, but I thought I'd put a link to it in here so you can sing along with the chorus!  It is a brilliant way of learning your 3 times table!!!  Enjoy!!!

https://youtu.be/9XzfQUXqiYY      3-6-9-12  15-18  21-24-27 count it out to 30!

Eleanor Rigby

Eleanor Rigby KE sm.mov

This is a song about ordinary people feeling lonely, something which many of us are feeling right now.  Sometimes knowing that being lonely is important enough for artists like The Beatles to write a song about helps us feel that our sitution is worth thinking about.  People have written many songs and poems about feeling lonely.  Fortunately this feeling is usually fleeting.  We feel lonely and then someone reaches out to us and suddenly we don't feel lonely any more.  Some people say that they never feel lonely,  because they like being alone.  This is ok too.  We can enjoy being alone and we can also suffer loneliness, knowing that someone will help us out of it if we need that.  We can also help ourselves feel less lonely if we reach out and chat to someone or even write a diary to talk with ourselves...that's what I do!  I write a poem or a song about how I feel...or I write in a diary.  I don't write in it every day, but sometimes it helps.  I am my own best friend!  Anyway, this song is brilliant - I hope you enjoy singing it with me and Elsie! xxx

Three Little Birds

Three Little Birds.mov

This is a cheerful song written by Bob Marley that was requested by Grace Htay and her mum when we chatted, in a socially distanced way, on Hove beach.  It was lovely to know that people had been watching my videos...so I will keep them coming to you.  Do send me any suggestions for songs you think Elsie and I could film for you!

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