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Victory in Europe (V.E.) Day 75th Anniversary Celebration


During WW2 many many people all over the world used songs and singing in a wide variety of ways; to cheer themselves and each other up, to feel a sense of unity and strength, to help people feel stronger so that they could get through the tough times as well as to laugh at the enemies.

At the end of WW2 these songs were still vitally important and people sang them a lot to remind each other that they had got through one of the most difficult times they could imagine.  These songs were very popular for many years after the war ended and are still sung, particularly on Victory in Europe Day, when people remember how happy everyone was that the war was over.  We sing them now to feel a sense of connection with our relatives and neighbours who lived through those difficult times.

We'll Meet Again

VE Day We'll Meet Again sm.mov

The Quartermaster's Stores

VE Day Quartermaster's Stores sm.mov

There'll Always be an England

There'll Always Be An England sm.mov
neighbours sing wartime songs

Singing Together

This community of neighbours in one street rehearsed their separate songs and brought them together into one street show - it's a real triumph of community togetherness!  https://youtu.be/OlEdJmm5snw


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