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Keeping active during your time at home:

Ideas to keep you active:

  • https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/supermovers Get active this week with Supermovers! Time yourself, can you do at least 20 minutes a day? Have you managed to do more? Well done and keep moving, it keeps us happy and positive!
  • Just for Fun- has a wide variety of active videos and dance routines featuring famous faces from the Premier League and BBC.
  • Change for life- 10 minute shake up games to do inside or out, all inspired by popular Disney characters.
  • Stay in, Work out Sport England give you some top tips and guidance on how to keep active in and around your home.
  • Make a treasure hunt or an orienteering trail around your house and garden if you have one. You could draw a map then place clues for your family to find. They might have to do them in certain order then check each one with you before they find the next. You could give clues; you might give compass directions and the number of steps. Or you could set up an activity trail with different exercises at each place.
  • Look online, YouTube or social media has many different exercise classes/ideas, suitable for all ages.
  • Try setting up an obstacle course, inside or in the garden, use cushions to climb over, tables to crawl under, a line of teddies to do bunny hops over.... be inventive. Take turns to think of new ideas. Time yourselves to complete it, who can complete it quicker or how much can you beat your own time by?
  • If you have any balloons around the house, blow them up, how long can you keep them in the air for? How many can you keep up at a time?
  • Remember you can still go out to exercise as a family once a day, be aware or social distancing but you can still go for a walk/jog/cycle. Try to find some quiet routes, away from any crowds.
  • Create a dance routine for your favourite song. Keep it simple, choose 5 or 6 moves and repeat them. Maybe do something different for the chorus. Make sure it really gets your whole body moving and your heart pumping!

Have fun!

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