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Hertford's Vision for PE and School Sport

Lifelong Participation for All.

To enable all children to be the best that they can become by:

* ensuring that the provision is challenging and appropriate and that support mechanisms are in place to allow all children to reach their full potential.

* Increasing the provision and the range of opportunities available for high quality PE and sport; within the curriculum and out of school hours, to be sustained;

* improving the levels of progress in PE for all children and young people;

* ensuring that provision is fully inclusive, engaging, innovative, inspiring and specifically tailored to meet future aspirations,

* continuing to embed good assessment for learning (AfL) methodology into day to day planning, teaching and assessment of pupils work,

* improving subject expertise through appropriate PE and school sport training,

* designing and delivering an exciting but relevant curriculum that ensures all children take part and make progress;

* being aware that PE and school sport is an effective tool in providing opportunities for children to improve their progress and attainment across the curriculum;

* involving children and young people in the management, organisation and delivery of PE and school sport.

* making sure that PE provides rich opportunities for children and young people to develop their literacy and mathematics skills along with recognising how the social, moral, spiritual and cultural aspects of learning are integral to a rich and fulfilling life.

To increase participation amongst all children by:

* increasing the range of sustainable activities offered by schools in curricular and out of school hours ( at least 2 hours curriculum and 1 hour of out of school hours learning (OSHL) per week);

* taking into account and acting upon the views of pupils, parents and carers;

* up skilling staff in the PE curriculum by providing high quality professional development (CPD) for all teachers and other adults involved in the delivery of PE and school sport;

* providing suitable pathways into activities beyond school and building effective school to club links;

* improving opportunities to motivate and engage those who currently choose not to participate in PE,

* increasing the opportunities available for children to be involved in leadership, volunteering and other roles within PE.

* ensuring that all children and young people have an increased opportunity to take part in competition through ‘The Sainsbury’s School Games’ infrastructure , particularly at level 1 (intra-school) and level 2 (inter-school). 

To enable all children to make informed choices about lifelong physical activity by:

* working with other curriculum areas to bring about a holistic understanding of lifestyle choices and the place of physical activity as part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle;

* increasing the number of children participating in activities of their choice as part of a healthy and active lifestyle through identified curricular, out of hours learning, competition and formal school-club links;

* developing an inclusive curriculum and out of school hours sports clubs that provides children of all ages and abilities with exciting and engaging opportunities to take a full and active part in PE and school sport.

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