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Hertford Junior's Special Educational Needs and Disability Vision Statement:

We welcome all children equally to our school. We believe that we all benefit from learning and playing together in an inclusive community. We hold high aspirations for all our children, whatever their starting point or challenges, be that in their learning or general development. We understand that all children can make progress and, to this end, we strive to put the right support in place and encourage a ‘growth-mindset’. We value children’s efforts over levels of attainment. Our learning and play is underpinned by our 'Working with Others' philosophy; we teach the skills needed to learn and play with ALL children in the class. We talk openly about specific difficulties and disabilities in order to educate children about them and to help all children normalise these as part of everyday life. Wherever possible and appropriate, we encourage and support children with SEND, with the support of trusted adults, to lead these discussions openly with their peers. We teach children that we all learn the same things (making friends; playing; reading; writing; mathematics etc) in different ways and all the things we learn and all the ways in which we learn are equally important. We believe parent and pupil voice should be central to everything that we do and we aim to ensure that these voices are central to all decisions about a child.

We want all children and all families, whatever their needs, to feel equally welcome and valued and to receive the support they need. We will support children to understand that fairness in school is not all 'getting the same', but getting 'what we need' at any one time to remove the barriers to learning and to make progress.

Feel free to read our SEND Policy 

What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by the school?

Please contact our Head of School for Inclusion Justine Harvey if you require any further information.

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