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Attendance & Minutes

The Full Governing Board (FGB) meets once or twice  a term.   At these meetings the governing body carries out its three core functions, as identified by the Department for Education in the Governance Handbook:

  • ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff
  • overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure money is well spent.

The governing board regularly reviews its way of working. Some of its work is delegated to committees.  Other than to the headteacher, none of its work is delegated to an individual governor.   From 3.10.22 there are now three main committees: the Quality of Education Committee (remit here) Chair Tom Freeman; the  Finance, Premises, Health and Safety and Personnel Committee (FPHSP) Chair Jenny Perrin, remit here and the Safeguarding and Inclusions Committee, remit here Chair Rachel Attwell.   Under the terms of the teacher's pay policy a pay committee may also be convened.  

The  Chair of Governors is Jenny Perrin and may be contacted at Jennyperrin@hertfordjun.brighton-hove.sch.uk  .  

Minutes of the Hertford Federation Governing Board and FPHSP committee, providing they are not confidential, will be shown here once they have been approved by the Board at the following meeting.  The minutes include the names of governors present at the meeting.  Attendance at other committee meetings are also recorded below.  Other minutes and some agenda papers may also be available if they are not confidential.  Please address such requests to the clerk to governors at janetjohnson@hertfordjun.brighton-hove.sch.uk .

Meetings 2023/24

Full governing board:  11th September 2023; 4th October 2023 (Confidential meeting attended by RA RD TF JHtay MM BO JPS JPI;  4th December 2023; 30th January 2024; 21st March 2024; 13th May 2024; 8th July 2024.

FPPHS Committee: 16th October 2023 attended by RA, RD, JF, JPI and BEO ; 11th or 13th March 2024; 7th May 2024

Quality of Education Committee:  27th September 2023 attended by: AP, TF MM; 10th January 2024 ; summer TBA

Safeguarding and Inclusion Committee: 16th October 2023; others TBA

Meetings 2022/23

Full governing board: 12th September 2022 ,  3rd October 2022 , 16th January 202321st March 202324th April 2023 attended by RA, JF, TF, JHtY, ZM, MM, BO and JPI 15th May 2023  and 10th July 2023

FPPHS Committee: 5th October 2022 , 27th February 2023, 9th May 2023 (inquorate meeting attended (JP ZM), 22nd May 2023 (confidential attended by ZM, JH, JPI, BO)

Quality of Education Committee: 19th October 2022 attended by TF MM BO RD, 4th January 2023 attended by RD TF MM BO GK.  26th April 2023 attended by RD TF MM and BO.

Safeguarding and Inclusion Committee: 13th November 2022 attended by RA JHtay, JPS JPI,  27th February 2023 attended by RA JHtay JPS; JH  4th July 2023 attended by RA JHtay JPS JH

Meetings 2021/22

Full governing board: 16th September 20212nd December 2021, 28th March 2022, 17th May 2022 and  11th July 2022.  Also 17th March 2022, attended by JF ZM BO RA JP TF TB JH

Finance Premises and Pay Committee: 18th October 2021, 26th January 2022, 14th March 2022 and 9th May 2022.

Quality of Education Committee meeting agenda: 2nd February 2022 attended by SR, RD, BO, GK TF, 16th March 2022 attended by TF GK BO JHT RD JP, 4th May 2022 attended by TF RD GK and  22nd June 2022 TF GK BO RD.

Meetings 2020/21

Full governing board:  21st September 2020 10th December 2020   29th March 2021 

 18th May 2021  12th July 2021

Finance Premises and Personnel committee: 25th September 2020  8th February 2021 11th May 2021  22nd June 2021

Meetings 2019/20

Full governing board: 12th September 2019   26th November 2019  23rd January 2020   17th March 2020 Governors attended: RA TB CC SL DL ZM JP RR MW 14th May 2020  3rd June 2020  14th July 2020  24th August 2020  Governors attended: TB TH DL ZM JP RR MW

Finance Committee: 2nd October 2019   15th January 2020 Governors attended: RA JP and ZM The meeting was inquorate




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