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Values and Ethos

Challenge, Aspire, Nurture

To challenge, promote aspiration and nurture every child in an inclusive environment, which offers rich experiences and opportunities that successfully prepare them for the challenges of the future.

At the Junior School we use characters to represent each of our values and support us to use them in our lives and learning. We carried out a whole school project with staff and children to identify how we wanted each character to look and what their key qualities should be. Working together we voted for the best designs and these were then used to create our final 3. Meet Challenge, Aspire and Nurture and watch the videos to see how they were created.





​We challenge every child by establishing high expectations, building key skills that deepen their learning enabling them to be effective communicators who can reason and explain their thinking.


We promote high aspirations for every child by offering experiences and opportunities through our rich and varied curriculum, working together to foster ambition in every child and equipping them with the tools to achieve their full potential.


We nurture our children by ‘modelling’ a relationship aware approach to education, valuing the individual, providing our children with social confidence and self-awareness. We communicate respectfully, building trust together.


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How we support learning at Hertford Juniors

We are continually working with the children to develop ways to support learning at Hertford Juniors. Below are just a few of the methods we use. 


Learning Partners

We use learning partners in class to allow us to think, pair and share ideas. This means that we have the opportunity to discuss ideas before feeding these back to the class. Often learning partners are generated randomly using the hat and changed on a weekly basis. This means that children have the opportunity to work with lots of different children in the class. Research shows that learning partners benefit children academically and socially.

Learning Journeys

We embrace a creative curriculum in which children embark on a learning journey. In every year group children take part in three learning journeys over the year. As much as possible links are drawn together between different subjects to enhance children's learning. Learning journeys begin with a stunning start and end with a fantastic finish which is often a celebration that parents and carers are welcome to attend.

Working With Others

All our staff have been trained  in Working With Others practices. We are explicitly teaching children the skills needed to work with others and providing opportunities across the curriculum for them to do so. If you would like to know more about Working With Others and see the HJS page on the external website.

Self/Peer Assessment

Children reflect on their learning and to assess themselves against the success criteria. The children self assess before they begin the work and assess during and on completion, using the traffic light colours.  We are now developing  improvement sessions between learning partners to help children to find their own ways forward.

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